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Social Wall for Events
Integrate Twitter, Instagram,
Facebook and Vine in a single page

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Pulso Viral


With our moderation mosaic, you can quickly hide inappropriate content from reaching the twitter wall.
Or switch off autoshow to approve content before showing it on your event.

Advertising Sponsors

Increase your brand exposition, offer on-screen advertising to your sponsors to genearete a new source of revenue.
Inject videos and/or image playlist between social interactions.

Stats / Export

With our stats page, you can measure quickly identify how many people interact on your event, your viral and absolute reach on social networks and identify your key influencers.
Have a to do a social reach report? or just do your own research? You can download all your event’s actions and public profiles for further analysis.

Plans / Pricing

You Moderate 1
Stats / Data Export
Advertising Slots
Setup Support 2
Price 3
1 Remote Moderation available for $25/hr, 4hr min.
2 Advertising / Branding Customization Support Available.
3 All prices in USD.
Pricing per event per day, for events with less than a 1000 people.
On-Site Operation / Moderation $200/hr, 4hr Min. + travel expenses (flight/car/hotel/per diem).
CONTACT US for any question; custom skins, social DJ-ing, Sponsored or LARGE events.
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